Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Scammers on Skype

Scammers On Skype

he removed me from his connections as soon as I did a reverse image search on TinEye

June 2014
He removed me from his connections as soon as I did a reverse image search on TinEye

14th October 2014


Oscar Currie

The same image as above! This time from Luton Bedfordshire saying he was working in Ireland
[2:11:02 PM] Nina Greaves: Hiya Oscar how are you? Not too far from me in Luton
[2:11:16 PM] Oscar Currie: yes that's right
[2:11:30 PM] Oscar Currie: But i'm currently in Ireland working
[2:12:06 PM] Oscar Currie: how are you doing ?

 Jon Greenert - Skype contact 03/06/2014


jon Greenert:

I'm Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert,from Pennsylvania, USA Am a United States Navy Admiral but I‘m currently on assignment in US Peace Keeping Division in Syria ,regards to the War, which I suppose it's not new to you
[18:16:34] Nina Greaves: No, what is new to me is an Admiral who cannot spell or type in English and your IP address locates you in Ghana
[18:17:17] Nina Greaves: I will report you to Skype as a scammer who copies and pastes an introduction wanting to meet women to ask for money
- at which point he removed me from his connections

June 9th 2014


 [09/06/2014 18:13:31]

Gen.David Petraeus

: Enter a message to introduce yourself.Hello Happy Good Day...how's your day and how's the weather condition over there?

Am General  David Petraeus

. i am from  United  State Of America.. I am caring looking forward  to meet a nice friend. It spark my interest when  i saw  your profile. i will like to know you more And exchange mutual relationship with you. I like you to add me up to your countact list Now. So that will can able to know each other as well. ... You are welcome. Thank You.

This person messaged me on June 10th 8:15am GMT

[08:16:29] Gen.David Petraeus: i am presently in Afghanistan peace keeping mission war to save the life of the people
[08:16:37] Nina Greaves: :)
[08:16:52] Nina Greaves: I have to go - back later I have to take daughter to school
[08:17:01] Gen.David Petraeus: ok
[08:17:48] Gen.David Petraeus: give me your yahoo email so that i can email to you when ever i am on my free time
here is my david_petraeus25@yahoo.com



[16:33:12] john.martins21: hello
[16:33:38] john.martins21: I am at work in here Damascus
[16:34:00] Nina Greaves: Where is Damascuc?
[16:34:05] Nina Greaves: Damascus
[16:34:26] john.martins21: Syria
[16:35:01] john.martins21: I am a General John Martins it my pleasure meeting yiou
[16:35:28] Nina Greaves: What do you do in Syria?
I am here on a Peace Keeping Mission
[16:38:10] john.martins21: Cos I am working with the United Nation as a General

---- The use of the word 'Cos' had me in stitches

June 12th 2014


Michael Barbero Skype Scammer

Let's see if he's on a peace keeping mission..

[6:32:30 AM] gen.mbarbero1: Hello there, how are you   
[6:33:29 AM] Nina Greaves: hi
[8:34:36 AM] Michael Barbero: Hi
[8:34:39 AM] Michael Barbero: How are you?
[8:34:42 AM] Michael Barbero: You there?

This one was a slow starter, it took 8 days to reel him in. This time I went straight for the jugular posing as a war widow and asking if he was on a peace keeping mission. Funnily enough, he was! How about that?

[18/06/2014 04:46:43] Michael Barbero: Hello
[18/06/2014 04:46:48] Michael Barbero: How are you today?
[18/06/2014 05:35:34] Nina Greaves: Good morning :) Where is your ship today?
[18/06/2014 05:43:21] Nina Greaves: Are you busy?
[19/06/2014 13:40:47] Michael Barbero: Hello
[19/06/2014 13:40:57] Michael Barbero: I am here now
[19/06/2014 13:41:00] Michael Barbero: My ship?
[19/06/2014 13:41:04] Michael Barbero: How do you mean?
[19/06/2014 14:21:14] Nina Greaves: I thought you are on a peace keeping mission?
[19/06/2014 20:24:33] Michael Barbero: Yes, I am
[19/06/2014 20:24:38] Michael Barbero: Why ask?
[06:17:21] Nina Greaves: Because I would like to donate some money, thank you
[06:46:44] Michael Barbero: Hi
[06:47:02] Michael Barbero: How are you today?
[06:47:32] Michael Barbero: That is very thoughtful and kind of you
[07:25:00] Nina Greaves: Well I lost my husband in Afghanistan and I like to donate the money to peace keeping missions to end violence around the world
[07:25:08] Nina Greaves: Is there a website you can direct me to?
[07:29:21] Michael Barbero: Sorry to hear about your hubby
[07:29:36] Nina Greaves: Casualty of war
[07:29:44] Michael Barbero: Yes
[07:29:49] Michael Barbero: Have you got kids?
[07:29:59] Nina Greaves: No unfortunately
[07:30:02] Nina Greaves: :(
[07:30:12] Michael Barbero: Okay
[07:30:43] Michael Barbero: You can also donate your quota to the fugitives rescued from war places
[07:30:53] Nina Greaves: Great
[07:31:03] Michael Barbero: We have several refugees camp in different countries
[07:31:14] Nina Greaves: Do you have a website you can direct me to please?
[07:31:25] Michael Barbero: It breaks my heart since I am stationed here I haven't been able to send some money for their upkeeping
[07:31:35] Michael Barbero: Literally no website
[07:31:42] Nina Greaves: How can I help?
[07:31:49] Michael Barbero: I can give you contact information of the camp warden
[07:31:55] Nina Greaves: Thank you
[07:32:01] Michael Barbero: He is going to give you directives
[07:32:14] Michael Barbero: One moment
[07:32:18] Nina Greaves: OK

So, here's the contact information of the scammer:

[07:34:43] Michael Barbero: This is his information

[07:35:41] Michael Barbero: Mr. Pius, Accra, Ghana Contact number: 00233265473516


[07:55:02] Michael Barbero: Very kind
[07:55:11] Michael Barbero: Call him when you can
[07:55:18] Michael Barbero: Tell me little more about you
[07:55:28] Michael Barbero: Formal introduction
[07:55:43] Michael Barbero: I am General Michael Barbero originally from Austin, Texas USA
[07:56:22] Michael Barbero: I am a United States Infantry Army presently stationed in Afghanistan on special peacekeeping mission

[08:01:59] Michael Barbero: Camp Eggers, Kabul - This is alot of information
[08:02:18] Michael Barbero: I hope I can confide in you
[08:02:23] Nina Greaves: Of course :)
[08:02:42] Michael Barbero: I wouldn't want to endanger the life of the US Army for any reason

So now he goes into asking about me, so I flip the tables on him

[08:06:50] Michael Barbero: Separated 2 and half year
[08:06:58] Michael Barbero: One daughter
[08:07:03] Nina Greaves: :)
[08:07:05] Michael Barbero: Have you got kids? - I said earlier I don't have children
[08:07:12] Nina Greaves: I didn't get the chance

Let's see if he admits knowing another scammer
[08:08:38] Nina Greaves: I have been speaking to another gentleman on Skype he is also on a peace keeping mission - do you know Jon Greenert?
[08:11:04] Michael Barbero: No

At this point he tells me 'Duty Call' and said he was leaving, so time for the big reveal

[08:12:11] Nina Greaves: You are famous!
[08:12:12] Nina Greaves: http://randomonline2013.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/blog-post.html
[08:12:26] Nina Greaves: Look at this blog mentioning you :)
[08:14:03] Nina Greaves: 8 days you have been trying to scam me
[08:14:10] Nina Greaves: Is that all you do for a living?
[08:14:16] Nina Greaves: Does it ever work?
[08:14:20] Michael Barbero: Appluad
[08:14:41] Nina Greaves: I don't know how you sleep at night
[08:14:51] Nina Greaves: I am reporting you to Skype with the evidence
[08:14:58] Nina Greaves: As a scammer using a fake photo
[08:15:15] Nina Greaves: You are nothing but low life scum using fake profile
[08:15:21] Michael Barbero: You haven't got any comment means your work are being useless and your jobless idiot
[08:15:26] Nina Greaves: :D
[08:15:42] Nina Greaves: Fantasic
[08:15:54] Nina Greaves: Let me just update my blog to include this evidence

Blocked gen.mbarbero.1 on Skype and reported abuse

June 20th 2014 
Boy am I lucky! I have a new friend request from


U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson

 [16:39:18] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: Enter a message to introduce yourself.Hello
  Not the brightest of scammers huh?

[16:52:05] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: my name is General Eric L Jackson from united state. but am presently in syria for peace keeping mission.


[16:52:59] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: are you married or single Nina?

Oh, let's get straight to the point then..

[16:55:17] Nina Greaves: I do not divulge personal details over the internet!
[16:55:32] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: i c
[16:56:05] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: do you have any child?
[16:56:17] Nina Greaves: I didn't get chance - how about you?
[16:58:42] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson:
I'm widower,i have 2 kids wendy and kevin, wendy died in a car accident with my ex wife debbi. while my  son kevin school in west africa.
[16:58:56] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: how old are you?
[17:04:28] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: and i will be very pleased to have you as my friend for now and see what will the future have for us .
[17:04:42] Nina Greaves: Do you travel to the UK?
[17:05:09] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: yep i have been there before
[17:05:16] Nina Greaves: This year?
[17:05:22] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: nope
[17:05:29] Nina Greaves: No plans to fly over?
[17:05:33] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: 2009 june 19th

I told him I was planning a holiday to Ghana, but he said he'd not been so I think this scammer is South African

[17:08:05] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: do you have anyone you going to visite over there?
[17:08:38] Nina Greaves: No I am staying at a hotel
[17:08:49] Nina Greaves: Have you been to Ghana?
[17:09:06] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: nope but i was told about it

[17:09:46] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: yep
[17:10:20] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: someone told me about mr koffi annan
http://kofiannanfoundation.org/ is a charity with African connections - I am sure this scammer is African now

[17:10:56] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: we met in syracus in NY and he told me about the business over there
[17:12:01] Nina Greaves: Wow (sun)
[17:12:10] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: and am much very interested on it, but the only problem now is that i do not have someone to represent me over there
[17:13:58] Nina Greaves: Oh ... I guess so. What's the solution?
[17:14:21] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: don't know my friend
[17:15:08] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: if you get there you can help me out over there, by locating this mr koffi annan
[17:15:44] Nina Greaves: Have you emailed him http://kofiannanfoundation.org/
[17:16:36] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: i have done that already, but i will be very glad if you can help me meet with him face to face

[17:18:41] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: cuz i don't know much about them and i will be very pleased if i can be able to have an eyez to watch over things for me over there
[17:19:11] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: so since we have be come friends, i will like you to help me do that and give back information to me okay
[17:19:22] Nina Greaves: No problem!
[17:19:24] Nina Greaves: :):)
[17:19:42] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: thank you.
[17:19:54] U.S Army Eric.L.Jackson: you having a private email?
[17:20:04] Nina Greaves: Yes it's on my blog - one moment


Louis Morgan - capt.morgan56

June 23rd 2014
Based in Nethelands, Google says he has been a naughty boy:

[2:52:39 PM] Nina Greaves: Hi Louis
[2:53:37 PM] Louis Morgan: Hello my dear...
[2:53:47 PM] Louis Morgan: How are you?
[2:54:58 PM] Nina Greaves: A bit sad, I broke up with my boyfriend :(
[3:27:27 PM] Nina Greaves: How are you?
[4:51:49 PM] Louis Morgan: i am fine
[4:52:37 PM] Louis Morgan: i am Louis  from United States
[4:52:42 PM] Louis Morgan: and you?
[4:54:41 PM] Nina Greaves: Hello
[4:54:56 PM] Louis Morgan: how are you?
[4:55:07 PM] Nina Greaves: Good and you?
[4:55:17 PM] Nina Greaves: Do I know you? Why have you contacted me?
[4:56:05 PM] Louis Morgan: i am Louis  from United States
[4:58:07 PM] Louis Morgan: Actually, i was searching for my son tutor before i luckly come across your pretty profile and i decided to add you so that we can be a friend and be honest with each other here to make a good friend
[4:58:47 PM] Nina Greaves: I like making friends - would you come and visit me here in the UK or is the fligh too expensive?
[4:58:59 PM] Nina Greaves: *Cost of the fligh a lot of money?
[4:59:11 PM] Nina Greaves: Flight, to fly over here
[4:59:47 PM] Louis Morgan: Hmmm , if time permit me dear,
[5:00:11 PM] Louis Morgan: Oh will you sponsor my flight ticket?
[5:00:15 PM] Louis Morgan: hehehehehhe hmmmm
[5:00:32 PM] Nina Greaves: Well if you can get a flight for under $1,000 :):D
[5:00:36 PM] Nina Greaves: How much is a flight?
[5:00:50 PM] Louis Morgan: Oh wowww hehehehehe
[5:01:14 PM] Louis Morgan: you can't get it with such amount
[5:01:22 PM] Nina Greaves: Really?
[5:01:23 PM] Nina Greaves: :(
[5:01:26 PM] Louis Morgan: thats smalll
[5:01:31 PM] Nina Greaves: Oh, how much is it?
[5:01:57 PM] Nina Greaves: Then you have your son's tuition fees?
[5:02:29 PM] Louis Morgan: Oh dear, about a thousand plus ...
[5:02:52 PM] Louis Morgan: Ohhh My God
[5:02:57 PM] Louis Morgan: so funny dear
[5:02:59 PM] Louis Morgan: Lol
[5:03:05 PM] Louis Morgan: :D
[5:03:28 PM] Nina Greaves: lol
[5:03:36 PM] Louis Morgan: I am so glad meeting a nice funny woman like you dear
[5:03:51 PM] Nina Greaves: Would you fly to London Gatwick? Have you been to the UK before?
[5:04:51 PM] Louis Morgan: Oh not really dear, but its my dream to be there so and it was due to the nature of my Job here in the high sea that take my time
[5:05:55 PM] Louis Morgan: Will my visitation to you over there in UK , be honored if you should come over?
[5:06:08 PM] Nina Greaves: To the USA?
[5:06:19 PM] Nina Greaves: Your IP address says you are in Germany?
[5:07:15 PM] Louis Morgan: Yeah, i am here in Holland high lake
[5:07:40 PM] Nina Greaves: So why did you say you were in US? I am confused (hug)
[5:08:14 PM] Louis Morgan: Oh dear, i am currently here in the high sea of Holland for work
[5:08:25 PM] Louis Morgan: I am from United State
[5:08:26 PM] Nina Greaves: Oh I see where do you work?
[5:09:09 PM] Louis Morgan: I work here as a Marine Engineer
[5:09:16 PM] Louis Morgan: what about you?
[5:09:41 PM] Nina Greaves: I do not need to work I sold my company 3 years ago
[5:09:48 PM] Nina Greaves: So my bank is happy
[5:09:53 PM] Nina Greaves: :)
[5:10:37 PM] Louis Morgan: Oh dear! why do you sold your company?
[5:10:49 PM] Nina Greaves: For (cash)
[5:10:57 PM] Nina Greaves: I am retired
[5:11:33 PM] Louis Morgan: Oh , so what are you doing for a living now?
[5:12:35 PM] Nina Greaves: I don't need to work so I like to read the news online, walk my dogs, travel on holiday around the world, meet new people
[5:12:43 PM] Nina Greaves: Do you have an email address?
[5:13:39 PM] Louis Morgan: Oh , i give you my email address now...
[5:14:04 PM] Louis Morgan: louismorg406@gmail.com

Also June 23rd 2014


[2:59:19 PM] Mark Millery: Nice to meet you how are you doing?
[2:59:47 PM] Nina Greaves: Bit sad I broke up with my boyfriend :(
[2:59:51 PM] Nina Greaves: Are you happy?
[3:00:05 PM] Mark Millery: Oh not happy.
[3:00:18 PM] Mark Millery: What happy if i may ask?
[3:00:41 PM] Nina Greaves: Are you happy? You could cheer me up
[3:02:07 PM] Mark Millery: It is okay dear .
[3:02:34 PM] Mark Millery: God knows why both of you broke up.
[3:02:43 PM] Nina Greaves: Are you in New York?
[3:02:58 PM] Mark Millery: May be he is not the rightful man to you in your life.
[3:05:50 PM] Mark Millery: I'm Mark Millery from United State of America.i work with UN of oil and gas company presently in Greenland high sea inside the shipp as the shipp engineer.
[3:05:59 PM] Mark Millery: What about you?
[3:09:42 PM] Nina Greaves: I am on a peace keeping mission
- At this point I updated this blog then sent him the link saying he was famous
[3:18:20 PM] Mark Millery: Mention me for what?
[3:18:38 PM] Nina Greaves: Take a look?
[3:22:05 PM] Nina Greaves: For being a Skype scammer as your name is not Mark Millery and your IP address says you are in Ghana and you do not work for Greenpeace and you can't spell the word 'ship' as it only has one 'p' and not 'shipp'
[3:22:11 PM] Nina Greaves: You are stupid
[3:24:47 PM] Nina Greaves: and a liar
[3:25:05 PM] Mark Millery: FUCK YOU



Skype 24th June 2014

This guy is a busy scammer!
Result image 2
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scamdigger.com 1013995_1377410649187820_1189593084_n... scamdigger.com/2014/02/ Crawled on 2014-04-10 scamdigger.com/author/Marisa/ Crawled on 2014-05-22

Age: 48
Country: USA
City: New York
Occupation: building engeer
More about me: i am Andy from Maryland in new York city. :mrgreen: i am a contract i base in uk, i am a widower.


 [10:43:10] justmar14: i m Williams Martins,and you ?
[10:43:44] Nina Greaves: I mean - how old are you! lol
[10:43:56] Nina Greaves: And which country are you in?
[10:44:02] Nina Greaves: Have you been to UK before? :)
[10:44:09] justmar14: no
[10:44:22] justmar14: i m from US florida


Time to end this
[10:48:57] *** Call from justmar14 ***
[10:49:16] *** Call from justmar14 ***
[10:49:52] justmar14: you dont wanna pike why

25th June 2014


No profile photo. Called me without chatting. Instant block and report.

[8:55:22 AM] *** Nina Greaves has shared contact details with michael.james978. ***
[10:33:10 AM] michael.james978: Hello
[10:33:11 AM] *** Call from michael.james978 ***
[10:35:21 AM] Nina Greaves: Hi
[10:35:25 AM] Nina Greaves: Did you just call?
[10:35:34 AM] michael.james978: Yes
[10:35:40 AM] michael.james978: How are you doing?
[10:36:13 AM] Nina Greaves: Why did you contact me? I am confused. Do I know you?
[10:36:37 AM] michael.james978: I was looking for a friend
[10:37:00 AM] michael.james978: And also someone i can get along with since am a widow for 3 years now

27th June 2014

SAME PHOTO AS john.martins21 

[1:17:40 PM] Captain Jacob Miller: Enter a message to introduce yourself.Hello Good Day
[2:00:58 PM] Nina Greaves: Why are you a scammer?
[2:01:19 PM] *** Nina Greaves has shared contact details with Captain Jacob Miller. ***
[2:03:52 PM] Captain Jacob Miller: Hello nice to meet you
[2:04:04 PM] Captain Jacob Miller: Sorry what do you mean by scammer?
[2:04:50 PM] Nina Greaves: Your photo
[2:04:54 PM] Nina Greaves: Is used by a scammer
[2:04:55 PM] Nina Greaves: see?
[2:04:56 PM] Nina Greaves: http://randomonline2013.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/blog-post.html
[2:05:24 PM] Nina Greaves: john.martins21 funny - has J and M in the name like Johns Martins
[2:05:30 PM] Nina Greaves: Jacob Miller

27th June 2014
Skype name jacobson.spencer3

[2:07:14 PM] *** Nina Greaves has shared contact details with jacobson.spencer. ***
[2:09:00 PM] jacobson.spencer: hello
[2:09:08 PM] jacobson.spencer: how are you doing today?
[2:09:32 PM] Nina Greaves: Good :)
[2:09:54 PM] jacobson.spencer: good to know
[2:10:06 PM] jacobson.spencer: i am very new here on skype
[2:10:23 PM] jacobson.spencer: i believe that we can know each other more better if you dont mind
[2:11:12 PM] Nina Greaves: Are you looking for love? :)
[2:11:41 PM] jacobson.spencer: smiles

27th June 2014

Johen.Innocent Skype name

July 2nd 2014

Skype name belinda.mabasa

[1:09:33 PM] Nina Greaves: How did you find me?
[1:13:45 PM] philip morgan: i come across your name here on skype and i decided to add you for we to be friends
[1:16:16 PM] Nina Greaves: OK
[1:16:23 PM] Nina Greaves: How are you belinda?

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