Wednesday, 4 June 2014



- The most important keyword(s) in the H1 
- Avoid brand names or 'Welcome to my website'
- Followed by a paragraph of a few sentences with an introduction to the web article

Contains Caffeine To Keep Me Awake

- Secondary associated keywords in a phrase
- Further information, the main body of the article written in a clear and concise fashion with correct grammar. Most pages only use a H1 and H2 Headers

Beverage Made With Boiling Water

- Third in line, still on topic 
- Depending on the length of the article you may wish to use a H3 as a minor subheader

Coffee Beans Are Ground and Filtered

- Forth Header is more descriptive
Bought from a Supermarket
- Fifth Header less important
It has a pretty packet
- Sixth Header is last in line of importance

Aces Fun Casions Gallery

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